Sea of Trees (2015)

Patience is a virtue, in this sea,
For the plot to unfold, takes an eternity.
Under duress, Arthur (Matthew McConaughey), boards a plane to Japan
And soon finds himself, helping an injured man.

But in this forest, nothing is as it seems,
Darkness and confusion, dovetail with dreams.
Why is he there? And who is this other man?
It is your task (poor viewer), to try to understand.

Van Sant takes a chance, but the pace is chore,
A lot of of very little, – I’m guessing less is more?
But it just might leave you thinking, as timelines collide,
When the movie neatly wraps up, with an a-ha moment on the side.

The Impossible (2012)

In 2004, a 9.0 earthquake caused a massive tsunami
to hit the coast of Thailand.
Tourists relaxed on the beach unaware that
massive waves would, almost instantly destroy them.

This story follows a family of 5,
ripped apart by the wave.
A mother, father and three sons
and how they managed to be saved.

Debris, injury, drowning, destruction and death,
followed the wave’s hellish path,
and later agony, misery and lost loved ones
were left from the earthquake’s wrath.

Be ready to tear up at this emotional,
all-to-real, true story,
but rejoice in the strength of humanity
and a family’s love and glory.