Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women (2016)

John Casablancas, I didn’t know who he was,
But now I feel, I know a tiny bit,
Models and sex – he was an insatiable playboy,
Who seemed to love his life’s every minute.

This movie pulses with interest, as Casablancas
Fondly remembers his remarkable life.
Filled with gorgeous women, power and money,
Made real by Casablancas’ personal insight.

But, dig deeper and you might see,
a lifetime of longing and misery,
Dissatisfaction and an appeal for meaning.
In this whitewashed world of fashion and industry.

Sometimes a person who has everything, has nothing
And struggles to define their life with vice,
Here proud confessions sometimes appear as hubris
And prove that nothing comes without a price.