Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull (2008)

20 years have gone by,
And Indiana is still in the game,
Now a respected war hero,
But always against the government grain.

He’s hijacked by the Russians,
To find a box well hid,
But narrowly escapes
(when George Lucas nukes the fridge).

If this is confusing don’t worry
It gets much worse,
Shia Leboeuf, apes Brando’s wild one,
Karren Allen appears from nowhere
With a crazy John Hurt.

Overall, the same Ford swagger,
The same beautiful production team,
the same wonderful John Williams score –
but not the same Indiana Jones dream.

A plot too far out,
Scenes tenuously tied,
A smudge on the nearly spotless,
Indiana Jones franchise.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989)

When his father goes missing,
Pursuing the Holy Grail,
Indy uses his diary,
and is hot on his trail.

Venice then Germany,
battling the Third Reich,
Dr. Jones and Dr. Jones
Find they are very alike.

The Grail is close,
but the Nazi’s want it really, really bad,
and Indy must get it,
to save the life of his Dad.

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984)

We meet Indy in again in Shanghai,
with the the beautiful Willie and Short Round,
Almost poisoned, shot and crashed in a plane,
the threesome is India bound.

To find the secret passage,
just give the statue a jolt,
but watch out for the bugs
and the terrible thuggee cult.

Its a roller coaster ride,
non-stop action in every part,
hang on for dear life
and remember to cover your heart!

Raiders of the Lost Arc (1981)

Tapped by top men,
to find the lost ark,
Indy travels to Egypt
and soon finds his mark.

But deplorable Nazis
put a cramp in his style,
and steal back the arc,
after all of his trials.

Non-stop action,
adventure and fun,
its a face-melting blockbuster,
that may never be outdone.