Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull (2008)

20 years have gone by,
And Indiana is still in the game,
Now a respected war hero,
But always against the government grain.

He’s hijacked by the Russians,
To find a box well hid,
But narrowly escapes
(when George Lucas nukes the fridge).

If this is confusing don’t worry
It gets much worse,
Shia Leboeuf, apes Brando’s wild one,
Karren Allen appears from nowhere
With a crazy John Hurt.

Overall, the same Ford swagger,
The same beautiful production team,
the same wonderful John Williams score –
but not the same Indiana Jones dream.

A plot too far out,
Scenes tenuously tied,
A smudge on the nearly spotless,
Indiana Jones franchise.

  • 79%
    Cinematic Rhymes Score - 79%