The Kid Stays In The Picture (2002)

Robert Evans, what a magnificent bastard
– in all the best ways.
A excessive life in the movie business,
dropping names and stories for days.

In this captivating bio-pic,
we are like guests at his personal bar,
Sipping champagne, while he holds court,
A private screening, where he’s the star.

The film is well organized
Well edited and overall, well told,
but its Evan’s raw and imposing voice-over
Which immediately takes hold.

Evan’s life is the stuff of Hollywood legend,
No apologies, no explanations – some regrets.
Love him or hate him you decide.
But worth the ride? You bet.

Gangs of New York (2002)

We are in Scorsese’s imagination now,
Loosely based on late, 19th century New York city,
Where colorful characters, gangs and violence,
Rule without fear or pity.

Young Amsterdam Vallon (Leo),
is on a hero’s quest of revenge,
befriending his enemy,
and sleeping in the lion’s den.

It’s a tumultuous time for Americans,
Experiencing war and growing pains,
And after the big dust up,
there’s no telling who will remain.

Stylistic, unique and wholly original,
This historic film electrifies the past
With Scorsese’s touch and this talented cast,
It’s a story that’s bound to last.