Midnight Special (2016)

With big name stars and prime spot on HBO,
This film might appear, as a hidden gem,
And after watching it, I can now stay,
How can I get 1.5 hours, of life back again?

Ok – basically a kid has special powers,
and two guys are driving him around for protection,
But they forgot to say, where they are going,
What are his powers, and why any of this deserves our attention.

A plot missing acts, setup or even basic points,
this movie encourages little reflection
(Meh) night special, or Midnight (Not So) Special,
Widely misses the mark, whatever its intention.

Gangs of New York (2002)

We are in Scorsese’s imagination now,
Loosely based on late, 19th century New York city,
Where colorful characters, gangs and violence,
Rule without fear or pity.

Young Amsterdam Vallon (Leo),
is on a hero’s quest of revenge,
befriending his enemy,
and sleeping in the lion’s den.

It’s a tumultuous time for Americans,
Experiencing war and growing pains,
And after the big dust up,
there’s no telling who will remain.

Stylistic, unique and wholly original,
This historic film electrifies the past
With Scorsese’s touch and this talented cast,
It’s a story that’s bound to last.

13 Hours (2016)

Third world meanies, are menacing the streets,
Where the good guys, are just trying to do their part,
Make it through the day, get some pay,
with the occasional, (manly) heart-to-heart.

Suddenly the ambassador’s compound is raided,
And the US team takes a major dive,
The fight is then taken to the secret CIA base,
Where our heroes fight,
to keep the egg-heads alive.

Ridiculous bravado and patriotic banter,
Bookend video game-level violence,
But taken with a satirical slant,
You might actually be able to enjoy this.

Visually stunning and generally “ok” acted,
13 Hours does entertain
Just engage your inner 13 year old
and remember to turn off your brain.

Sea of Trees (2015)

Patience is a virtue, in this sea,
For the plot to unfold, takes an eternity.
Under duress, Arthur (Matthew McConaughey), boards a plane to Japan
And soon finds himself, helping an injured man.

But in this forest, nothing is as it seems,
Darkness and confusion, dovetail with dreams.
Why is he there? And who is this other man?
It is your task (poor viewer), to try to understand.

Van Sant takes a chance, but the pace is chore,
A lot of of very little, – I’m guessing less is more?
But it just might leave you thinking, as timelines collide,
When the movie neatly wraps up, with an a-ha moment on the side.

Singles (1992)

Seattle in the 90’s,
plaid, coffee and grunge,
It’s a burgeoning city
with a rockin’ young person buzz.

Enter the businessman,
the free spirit and wanna be rock star,
everybody’s looking for somebody,
while trying to find out who they are.

It’s a coming of age / coming of place tale,
tinged with (soon to be) classic Cameron Crowe pith,
these dilemmas are as timeless
as loss, love and life’s relationships.

The Impossible (2012)

In 2004, a 9.0 earthquake caused a massive tsunami
to hit the coast of Thailand.
Tourists relaxed on the beach unaware that
massive waves would, almost instantly destroy them.

This story follows a family of 5,
ripped apart by the wave.
A mother, father and three sons
and how they managed to be saved.

Debris, injury, drowning, destruction and death,
followed the wave’s hellish path,
and later agony, misery and lost loved ones
were left from the earthquake’s wrath.

Be ready to tear up at this emotional,
all-to-real, true story,
but rejoice in the strength of humanity
and a family’s love and glory.

The Untouchables (1987)

Why did America have prohibition?
That’s not important here.
It’s time to find the bad guys,
who are importing all the beer.

Elliott Ness is a joke,
but soon assembles a crew,
anxious to take down Al Capone,
and do whatever they have to do.

Gun battles, bravado, and
the De Palma-Hitchcockian touch,
with a booming score from Ennio Morricone,
Untouchables will…touch?

The Program (2015)

By now we all know Lance cheated,
but this explores the hows and the whys.
How did he do it, and
just how long did he lie?

Its a compelling story,
but here a bit garbled and unclear.
This plays out like a made for TV movie,
where no one plot is clear.

This story is massive and incredible,
you’d need a script that’s complimentary,
my advice skip this treatment
and stick to the documentary.

Sing Street (2016)

Dublin in the 80’s is a tough place to be,
especially for a young kid in a new school.
Tormented by a bully and a tough home life,
how can a young Dubliner find his cool?

Enter music and that,
glorious montage of finding a band;
Add friendship and a purpose,
– now you’ve got a place to stand.

Through the mire our hero finds his voice,
after trying a few others out,
and breaks away in fantastic, formative discovery,
with new confidence and clout.