Midnight Special (2016)

With big name stars and prime spot on HBO,
This film might appear, as a hidden gem,
And after watching it, I can now stay,
How can I get 1.5 hours, of life back again?

Ok – basically a kid has special powers,
and two guys are driving him around for protection,
But they forgot to say, where they are going,
What are his powers, and why any of this deserves our attention.

A plot missing acts, setup or even basic points,
this movie encourages little reflection
(Meh) night special, or Midnight (Not So) Special,
Widely misses the mark, whatever its intention.

King Kong (1976)

King Kong the story,
is basically beauty and the beast,
And in the last few cinematic iterations –
A representation of man’s hubris and gluttony.

In this version we see youth (Bridges),
Innocence & beauty (Lange),
And corporate greed overrun,
Into a catastrophic tragedy.

Rick Baker’s Kong,
gives the big guy some depth,
While Lange’s breakout performance,
Leaves viewers occasionally holding their breath.

Rich, color cinematography,
offers what the old Kong can’t
But this version lacks the punch,
And is emotionally scant.

Not a critical favorite,
but maybe a cult, guilty pleasure
If you can hurdle the movie’s flaws,
It’s a fun ride, you have to stand back to measure.

Gangs of New York (2002)

We are in Scorsese’s imagination now,
Loosely based on late, 19th century New York city,
Where colorful characters, gangs and violence,
Rule without fear or pity.

Young Amsterdam Vallon (Leo),
is on a hero’s quest of revenge,
befriending his enemy,
and sleeping in the lion’s den.

It’s a tumultuous time for Americans,
Experiencing war and growing pains,
And after the big dust up,
there’s no telling who will remain.

Stylistic, unique and wholly original,
This historic film electrifies the past
With Scorsese’s touch and this talented cast,
It’s a story that’s bound to last.

13 Hours (2016)

Third world meanies, are menacing the streets,
Where the good guys, are just trying to do their part,
Make it through the day, get some pay,
with the occasional, (manly) heart-to-heart.

Suddenly the ambassador’s compound is raided,
And the US team takes a major dive,
The fight is then taken to the secret CIA base,
Where our heroes fight,
to keep the egg-heads alive.

Ridiculous bravado and patriotic banter,
Bookend video game-level violence,
But taken with a satirical slant,
You might actually be able to enjoy this.

Visually stunning and generally “ok” acted,
13 Hours does entertain
Just engage your inner 13 year old
and remember to turn off your brain.

Iron Man (2008)

As a spoiled, billionaire-kid-genius,
Tony Stark wears the crown,
but a terrorist’s deadly plot,
soon brings him crashing down.

To escape their clutches,
he must hatch a fantastic plan,
and transform weapons of mass destruction,
into the savior “Iron Man”.

Downy zings his dialogue,
through every line in the movie,
but the combination of action and wit,
is blockbuster alchemy.

Iron Man sparks the franchise,
and sets the stage for the Avengers gang,
but the first is the best,
and the best Iron Man remains.

The Untouchables (1987)

Why did America have prohibition?
That’s not important here.
It’s time to find the bad guys,
who are importing all the beer.

Elliott Ness is a joke,
but soon assembles a crew,
anxious to take down Al Capone,
and do whatever they have to do.

Gun battles, bravado, and
the De Palma-Hitchcockian touch,
with a booming score from Ennio Morricone,
Untouchables will…touch?

Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans (2015)

The biggest movie star in the world,
set out to make the best racing film ever made,
and although he had no script,
He shot at Le Mans for over 90 days.

He banged two girls a day,
and even wrecked his Porsche,
until the studio shut him down
and a real script was forced.

McQueen said that tough shoot
is what contributed to his cancer,
but to his questions of identity,
racing was the answer.

Now You See Me 2 (2016)

B movie banter
and not many tricks,
a gang of magicians band together
and this time they have a chick.

Trying to take-down an evil corporation,
they end up hypnotized,
by Woody Harrelson in a wig,
and Daniel Radcliffe’s lies.

A sequel for the sake of profit,
not very well thought through,
suitable for patients recovering from surgery,
Now You See Me 2.

Passengers (2016)

On the way to a new word,
an asteroid storm causes a major malfunction,
Chris Pratt wakes up alone and soon
Wakes up J-Law – with much compunction.

They are alone on a floating mall,
Like Adam and Eve, sharing their hearts,
Until soon eden, and their relationship
Begin to fall apart.

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull (2008)

20 years have gone by,
And Indiana is still in the game,
Now a respected war hero,
But always against the government grain.

He’s hijacked by the Russians,
To find a box well hid,
But narrowly escapes
(when George Lucas nukes the fridge).

If this is confusing don’t worry
It gets much worse,
Shia Leboeuf, apes Brando’s wild one,
Karren Allen appears from nowhere
With a crazy John Hurt.

Overall, the same Ford swagger,
The same beautiful production team,
the same wonderful John Williams score –
but not the same Indiana Jones dream.

A plot too far out,
Scenes tenuously tied,
A smudge on the nearly spotless,
Indiana Jones franchise.